Who We Are


We are a dry cleaning service with over 17 years of successfully dyeing knitwear and providing multiple finishes. Our professionals have extensive experience of over 25 years in the industry, and our highly technified machines position us as a leading company in quality and sustainability.
Our local and international clients prefer us for our careful adherence to delivery times, compliance with required quality standards, and commitment to the environment.

Committed to providing exceptional service


To provide a distinctive dry cleaning and finishing service in the national market. Leaders in innovation and technology, meeting quality, speed, and personalized attention requirements for the benefit of our partners within a demanding and ever-evolving market.


To be the leading industry in the textile market, characterized by providing the highest credibility with an emphasis on tailor-made products for every commercial niche.

Quality Policy

We apply the concept of total quality, referring to the use of quantitative methods and human resources to improve the processes of our organization; thus, exceeding the needs of our clients, process control, and continuous audits of procedures.


1. Commitment
2. Honesty (Transparency, Integrity)
3. Service (Teamwork with a focus on results)
4. Innovation (Readiness for change)
5. Social Responsibility (Respect)