Dyeing and finishing of knitted fabric

TINTURA dye house is partner of the top Peruvian manufacturers of apparel, who produce for the best brands in the fashion industry (Outer known, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Theory, Tommy Bahmas, Accapella, etc) prioritizing technical expertise, quality control, sustainaibility, and customer service to deliver excellent products and services thet meet the fashion industry’s high standards and demands.

We adopt sustainable prectices thet minimize negative impacts on both people and the planet. Social and environmental responsibility in dye houses is of paramount importance to ensure the sustainability of the textile and fashion industry.

Our service starts with eficient formulation and color control.

We comply with the standards required by the client.

Our varied installed capacity allows us to offer multiple finishes.

Processes and Inputs


Color Matching Capability The ability to precisely match colors according to customer requirements is crucial for dyeing houses. The best ones use color-matching software and spectrophotometers to achieve accurate and consistent color reproduction.


We have modern and eficient SCLAVOS dyeing machinery and equipment that significantly impact the quality and speed of the dyeing process. Ours advanced equipment also offer eco-friendly features, such as water and energy-saving capabilities.


Our fleet of finishing machinery allows us to meet a wide variety of requirements.

We can make different functional and special finishes in knitted and flat fabrics.

Quality Control

Strict quality control measures ensure that each batch of dyed fabric meets the customer’s specifications and industry standards. We have comprehensive quality control processes in place to minimize errors and rejections.

Dyes and Auxiliaries

Sustainable Chemical Management: Tintura use eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes and chemicals, reducing the impact on workers’ health and the environment. Certifications and Standards: Tintura certifications like GOTS, OEKO-TEX.

Companies that trust us

Highly technical machines that make us a leader in quality and sustainability.